Call if You Need Help!

It’s been tough these last few days for everybody. What’s worse is knowing that many of our clients are still under mandatory evacuation orders, and unfortunately we fall under the same camp. The Rancho Santa Fe Fire Department has a page they update often and based on that we’re guessing we’ll be able to get in and clean up starting Thursday or Friday (that is, assuming continued favorable weather conditions!).

In the meantime, folks have been calling our main line which gets forwarded to my cell, and I’ve been happy to help with the questions that arise. So, check back later for an update – we’ll know by later tonight regarding our status for tomorrow.

Finally, I just wanted to acknowledge the trials and sense of duty exhibited by our staff. Some have volunteered their time helping less fortunate animals in Qualcomm, while others have and continue to be displaced by evacuation orders. Others still have welcomed families into their homes. Despite that, we’re all in good spirits, and I’m proud to be working with such a great team of individuals.