Lifesaving Cat and Dog Honored

Cat ASPCAYesterday, the ASPCA awarded their Cat of the Year award to Winnie, a 14 year old feline of the Keesling family noticed not all was right in the house. It turns out that their gasoline powered water pump malfunctioned and was sending out toxic carbon monoxide fumes through the house while the family slept. Winnie nudged Cathy Keesling’s ear until she awoke – Cathy found herself disoriented, and her husband and son were unconscious. After calling 911 and receiving emergency treatment all were well, thanks to Winnie.

Dog ASPCAThe Dog of the Year award goes to Toby, a 2 year old golden retriever who saved his owner, Debbie Parkhurst with a timely Heimlich. Debbie had bitten into an unpealed apple and suddenly found herself choking, unable to breathe. Toby uncharacteristically pounced onto Debbie’s chest, dislodging the offending piece of apple, saving the day.

The ASPCA offers annual Humane Awards for pets and people who perform exceptional acts of bravery and courage. More information about this year’s winners can be found on their website,

Photos: USAToday