A New Year, Best Wishes, and a Warm Welcome

First, a happy New Year to you all!

In 2007 we weathered catastrophic fires, flooding within our hospital, and blistering heat. Still, our firefighters prevailed, and our make-shift flood-management personnel / staff saved our hospital from disaster. Here’s to hoping for a kinder, gentler 2008.

But first some sad news. Dr. Stephen Long, who has been with us since we opened our hospital in December 2005 will be leaving at the end of January. He’ll be moving back to the East coast with his family to explore new opportunities. We certainly wish him the best.

However, joining us in February is Dr. Sophie Steele, a previous co-owner and doctor at Shadowridge Veterinary Hospital. She completed her undergraduate and veterinary degrees at UC Davis and has been practicing for over 5 years. As a former co-worker with Dr. Deirdre Brandes, we’re very happy to have Dr. Steele join our team. More about Dr. Steele coming soon!Also, starting next week, we’re happy to announce that Jennifer Heath will be joining our nurse / technician team. She comes to us with more than 10 years of veterinary experience, having worked as a nurse for the previous 7. More about her coming soon too.

Finally, one of the “features” of our website is the Pet’s Page section. We haven’t updated that in quite some time, the primary reason having to do with how arduous it was to do so. However, we’re near the final stages of implementing a new method which should help streamline adding and viewing your precious pet’s pictures. Keep an eye on it, we hope to roll this out soon.

Again, happy new years!