Welcome Dr. Sophie Steele

Dr. Sophie SteeleStarting February 1, 2008, we’re proud to have Dr. Sophie Steele join our esteemed veterinary team.

Dr. Sophie Steele is an accredited veterinarian with over 8 years of experience working mostly in San Diego county. She attended the University of California at Davis where she earned a B.S. in Animal Sciences in 1995, then completed her veterinary degree at U.C. Davis in 1999. Over time, Dr. Steele has developed a special interest in soft tissue surgery, dentistry and ophthalmology, and works mostly with dogs and cats.

Prior to joining RSFVets, she and her husband Dr. Brad Steele constructed a state-of-the-art animal hospital and pet hotel in North County. In 2006, the Steeleā€™s sold their practice to allow more time for family, travel, and seeking out new professional endeavors.

Born in Argentina, Dr. Steele was raised in France, Hong Kong and Brazil. During high school, her parents relocated to the San Francisco area where they settled permanently and became US citizens. She has since continued traveling around the world to places such as South Africa and Australia. So it is no surprise that aside from English, Dr. Steele is also fluent in French, Portuguese and Spanish.