Congratulations to Sarah Higgins!

We at Rancho Santa Fe Veterinary Hospital pride ourselves in furthering the education of the general public and our employees within the arena of animal health. As such, we’ve had no qualms about hiring employees who seek to become veterinarians or nurses, knowing that the efforts we take would eventually lead to their departures.

And since we’ve opened our practice three years prior, we’ve sent away Kristi Hulme who is now a sophomore at Cornell Veterinary School, and Brianna Welch who is attending Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine as a freshman.

And without further ado, we would like to congratulate Sarah Higgins for her acceptance to Cornell Veterinary School for Fall of 2009!

While Sarah is unsure of where she will ultimately end up this Fall, one thing is certain: she’ll end up at one of the most prestigeous veterinary schools in the nation.

Sarah joined our team almost two years ago, having graduated from UC San Diego with the desire to become a veterinarian.  At the time, she had no prior experience working in a veterinary hospital, but we believed her enthusiasm and desire to learn made her a great candidate.

And we were right.

Sarah will be with us, hopefully, until school begins this Fall.  If you run into her when you bring your pet by, be sure to offer her a congratulations!