A Different Kind of Rescue

Copyright Lauren Helm Photography

Copyright Lauren Helm Photography

San Diego is a very caring community with a wealth of animal rescues that cater to almost every species of pet.  It is also unique in the rescue community in the fact that it’s home to an uncommon rescue with a variety of interesting pets.  Wee Companions Small Animal Rescue is a unique cause because it is a  rescue mainly dedicated to small exotic pets, such as rats, rabbits, hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and various other animals in need.

Since Wee Companions’ inception in 1998, over 5000 animals have found refuge within its foster network.  Animals are accepted into the rescue no matter what their health or temperament.  Adoptable animals are socialized by volunteers and adopted out to loving homes.  All other animals that are unable to be adopted live the remainder of their lives in foster care and given the best opportunity for a normal life.

Volunteers with Wee Companions not only work to rescue animals in need, they also work to educate the public about small exotic animals as pets and encourage their adoption.  Volunteers at the rescue believe that many people do not understand the unsurpassed benefits to small animals as pets. Ambassador animals accompany volunteers to events such as movie premiers, birthday parties, animal education events, and libraries to demonstrate the personalities and potential benefits of small exotic pets.

Dr. Brandes and the staff at Rancho Santa Fe Veterinary Hospital have had the privilege of caring for many of these small pets.  Our staff is continually gaining knowledge about small exotic pets as we see more of the adoptable animals at Wee Companions and our staff enjoys the opportunity to work with these small furry pets.  For more information on the services that we offer for exotic pets, visit our exotics page.

Wee Companions always has an array of animals for adoption.  For more information about adoption, visit their website at www.weecompanions.com.