Snake Safety in the Summer!

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As the weather warms up, rattlesnakes start to stir and sightings are likely to become more prevalent. The poisonous bite of the rattlesnake can pose a danger to you and your pets, and their bites potentially lethal without veterinary care. Any type of a snake-bite should be considered an emergency.

Keep your pets safe by taking simple preventative measures while still enjoying the great outdoors:

-Always keep your dog on a leash to avoid your pet coming into contact with a snake.

-While walking your dog, avoid brush and tall grass.

-Clear away any brush, toys, or furniture in your yard that will make easy hiding places for snakes.

-If you see a snake, back away. Snakes can strike from far distances.

-Enroll your dog in rattlesnake avoidance training. Teaching avoidance can prevent a possible emergency.

-Attempt to keep outdoor areas clear of food that may attract rodents, which can attract snakes.

If your pet is bitten by a snake, do not panic. React promptly, and call your veterinarian to let them know the issue and that you are on your way. Do not attempt to use at-home methods to treat a snake-bite. Instead, immediately take your pet to your veterinarian hospital for treatment.

If you see a snake, do not attempt to move or kill a snake at the risk of your own safety. Since snakes can still have muscle contractions after death, it is best to avoid direct contact with a snake even if you believe it to be deceased. Instead, contact Project Wildlife for the safe removal of the animal. For more information about safe animal removal, visit project wildlife’s website.

It is important to keep in mind that though potentially dangerous, snakes are a vital part of our eco-system and help to maintain minimal levels of wild rodent populations. Just remember to play it safe in the summer and have fun!