Microchips Save Pets

Courtesy of www.AVMA.org

Who would have known that a small chip the size of a grain of rice could save lives and reunite pets with their owners?  According to HomeAgain Pet Recovery, 1 in 3 pets go missing. Tragically, 90% of missing pets without identification never return home.

Thanks to microchip technology, this does not need to be the case. HomeAgain microchip identification system has been responsible for reuniting over 600,000 animals with their owners.  Microchips can help make returning a pet back to its owner fast and easy, all made possible by a simple microchip scan.  Animals that are dropped off at shelters or come into veterinary hospitals as strays are scanned for microchips as soon as they enter the door.  A pet’s identification is encoded within the microchip, allowing shelters or veterinary hospitals to help reunite owners with their pets.  Once an animal is found and scanned, HomeAgain will contact the owner to let them know that the animal has been found and where to locate the animal.

The process of microchipping an animal is very easy.  Most owners choose to have the chip implanted while the pet is sedated for a spay/neuter.  If that is not an option, the implantation is a simple injection.  Most pets respond to the injection of a microchip similar to the injection of a vaccine, some pets barely notice while others are a little more sensitive.  Microchips have been improved throughout the years to ensure that the microchip will not migrate beyond the place of implantation and now all microchips are universal.  Universal microchips can be successfully scanned and read no matter where your pet is in the world.

To learn more about microchipping, visit www.HomeAgain.com or call our hospital at 858 759 8797 and we can answer any questions that you may have.