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A few quick announcements

First, our practice is growing! We’re currently looking for a new veterinary technician, one with a great positive attitude, a love of pets, and few years of experience. For more information about this position and where to apply, go to our “Join the team” page.

Also, we’ve updated the pictures and biographies of our staff. You can see these changes on our “Meet the staff” page.

Finally, construction on the new hospital is continuing full steam. There’s a large dirt pad by our front doors that will soon turn into a street and a new building that will eventually house the new administration office of Helen Woodward Animal Center and our new hospital. Stay tuned for details!

The Driveway Will Be Back

The Driveway Will Be Back!

The Driveway Will Be Back!

Within a span of about two hours this morning, the construction crew removed the driveway in front of our hospital.  For now, Gate 1 is open and parking is available on our side entrance.  Please enter and exit our hospital from the side until the new driveway is in place.

After excavation, approximately four weeks will pass before the new driveway will be paved in, as there are a lot of utility lines that have to be placed beforehand.

Despite all this, we’re open – it will be business as usual throughout the 10 month building period.  Bear with us and thank you for your patience!

Excuse our dust!

New Hospital Construction at Helen Woodward Animal Center

New Hospital Construction at Helen Woodward Animal Center

After years of planning, groundbreaking has finally started on the newest addition to Helen Woodward Animal Center.  The new building will house the new Rancho Santa Fe Veterinary Hospital as well as the administration side of Helen Woodward Animal Center.

Construction began today and is expected to continue for 10 months.  This new building will reside in front of the current RSFVets hospital, but during this period our hospital will remain open like normal.

The one  tricky aspect to operating during construction has to do with parking.  Signs have been posted directing clients to parking spaces.  Essentially, instead of turning left immediately through to Gate 1, simply continue on Calle Del Nido and follow the signs.  You’ll eventually end up at the parking area between Club Pet and our hospital.

We do not believe you will incur any delays in making it into or out of our hospital due to this construction.  But we’ll certainly call and let you otherwise!

Dr. Brandes Becomes Kindergarten Doc

Dr. Brandes is "Kindergarten Doc"

Dr. Brandes is "Kindergarten Doc"

One day this past April, Dr. Deirdre Brandes left behind her otoscope, traveled a few miles to Solana Vista Elementary School, and for a few hours transformed herself into “Kindergarten Doc.”

She was invited to speak to a class of 20 kindergartners taught by Ms. Jesse Atkins and found the children much more engaged than expected.  What did she teach the young future veterinarians?

“They asked so many questions.  They were amazed that snakes had bones.  And they were surprised that their pets’ teeth required the same amount of care as ours,” said Dr. Brandes.

After letting the youngsters know what life was like as a veterinarian, she gave them all a chance to experience it for themselves.  A brave volunteer pooch allowed herself to receive a heart inspection from the children via a stethoscope (pictured).

But the highlight of Dr. Brandes’ presentation came when she pulled out 20 sets of masks and gloves, allowing each child to become a pretend surgeon.  She was almost overtaken by their enthusiasm.

“Good thing I didn’t bring any surgical tools, because I’m sure they would have tried to use them,” she said.