Rancho Santa Fe Veterinary Hospital carries a variety of prescription diets from the Hill’s, Royal Canin IVD, Purina and Iams companies. These diets are made specifically for individual medical conditions in your pet, and should not be fed without a doctor’s recommendation.

We keep on hand a few dozen specific prescription diets in varying sizes from these prescription food vendors. Our selection is based largely on our patients’ needs as well as our doctors’ assessment of the efficacy of each of these foods. However, if you desire a particular food we do not normally carry, we’ll do a special order and receive your food within a week.

Again, since each of these diets is tailor-made to the specific condition of your pet, be sure to call or ask your veterinarian if you have any questions.

Below is a sampling of the prescription diets we generally maintain in our inventory.

Hill’s Prescription Diets


Hill's a/da/d is meant only for intermittent feedings, and should not be fed as a regular diet. This is the only Hill’s diet which is not specifically formulated for dogs or cats; it can be fed to both species. It is given to animals who are recovering from a “debilitative state, such as surgery, cancer therapy, injury or malnutrition.” Fat content is very high in a/d, and is very palatable for those patients with inappetance.


Dogs with struvite urolithiasis may benefit from eating c/d. Its purpose is too help control urinary tract infections. The urine pH should be monitored closely when a dog is on this cd-dryfood to check for a recurrent bacterial infection.

c/d Multicare for felines can be fed to cats with feline lower urinary tract disease or feline idiopathic cystitis, and is ideally fed long-term. c/d will maintain urine saturation levels and help with the occurrence and recurrence of struvite & calcium oxalate crystalluria & urolithiasis, as well as minimize the growth of crystals. Chicken & seafood flavors are available as well as original.


Hill's d/dMany dogs & cats experience allergies to food just like humans. d/d is a single protein food (duck, lamb, salmon or venison), and this limited number of ingredients helps your pet avoid common food allergies. Dogs & cats with skin conditions such as flea allergy dermatitis or ear infections can also benefit from eating d/d. For dogs, d/d is available with egg, duck, venison, salmon, or lamb as the protein. For cats, d/d is available in duck, rabbit, or venison.

i/dHill's i/d

i/d is a very easily digested food common for dogs & cats who have upset stomachs with symptoms such as diarrhea. While it is normally fed only through the healing process, its moderate fat levels also make it acceptable for a long-term food if the doctor recommends. This food is also safe to use on puppies & kittens.


Hill's j/dOlder dogs often experience arthritis just as humans do. Hill’s j/d has added glucosamine to help with your dog’s mobility, and many dogs walk, run, and climb stairs easier after being fed j/d on a regular basis. This diet is not recommended for growing puppies.  j/d is only available for dogs.

k/dHill's k/d

This particular Hill’s diet can help with more than one condition. k/d is usually given to dogs in chronic renal failure, but can also be fed to dogs with cardiovascular disease. Many experience less clinical signs, improving their quality of life. k/d can also slow the progression of the disease.

Cats in renal failure or with cardiovascular disease can also benefit from k/d. The food can slow the progression of disease and improve blood flow to the kidneys. It is available in wet & dry, original or chicken flavor.


Hill's l/dHill’s l/d is commonly fed to dogs with liver disease, and can, among other things, improve fat metabolism in the liver and help reduce protein breakdown. It is also safe to feed to puppies.

r/dHill's r/d

It’s hard not to spoil your pet – but sometimes that love can transform your dog or cat from lean & fit to slow & chunky. But don’t worry – that’s what Hill’s r/d is for. r/d has low fat content and high fiber content so your pet feels full from eating less, and also helps burn fat. For dogs, r/d comes in wet & dry, original & chicken flavored. For cats, it is available in original, liver & chicken, and chicken. Make sure you consult your doctor for a proper weight loss program before you begin feeding your pet r/d.


sd-fel-drys/d, similar to c/d, helps cats with feline lower urinary tract disease and dogs with struvite uroliths and crystals. s/d is not meant for long-term feeding in dogs; cats can be fed long-term as long as their acid base status is monitored. For both species, s/d can help with the dissolution of struvite uroliths and crystals. While it is similar to c/d, there are differences and risks involved, so make sure you consult a veterinarian on which diet is right for your pet. For dogs, s/d is only available in wet food. It is available in wet and dry for cats.

t/dHill's t/d small bites

Dogs have teeth too, and neglecting them can lead to gingivitis, periodontal disease, and other more serious internal problems. Hill’s t/d is proven to reduce gingivitis, and mineral abrasives help cleanse the teeth. Dogs love to eat it too – we use t/d small bites as treats here in the hospital! While brushing is still recommended, t/d can also help your dog or cat’s teeth stay their healthiest.


Hill's w/dHill’s w/d is multifunctional, and can help with weight management, upset stomach, struvite urolithiasis and diabetes. It has low calories and high fiber, and is often fed long-term after reaching an ideal weight on r/d in order for your pet to maintain that weight. The increased fiber also helps “minimize blood glucose flucuation” in diabetic dogs & cats. w/d is available in original or with chicken for dogs & cats, in both canned and dry food.

z/d & z/d UltraHill's z/d

Having a dog or cat with allergies can be frustrating, but Hill’s z/d can help! The main protein in canine z/d Ultra is chicken, but Hill’s has hydrolyzed it, which allows your dog to avoid an adverse reaction. A single, easily digested carbohydrate also helps avoid common food allergies.

Kitties can also benefit from z/d Low Allergen. The chicken in this food is also hydrolyzed, and can not only help with food allergies, but also pruritic dermatitis and inflammatory bowel disease.

Hypoallergenic Treats

Hill's Hyoallergenic treatsJust because your pet has allergies doesn’t mean you can’t give them treats! Hill’s has specially formulated these hypoallergenic treats for both dogs & cats with food or skin allergies. They contain only one carbohydrate and have added antioxidants. The single protein has been hydrolyzed to avoid adverse reactions.

Hill’s Science Diet Kitten OriginalHill's Kitten

Kittens need a balanced diet to promote healthy development, and Hill’s Kitten Original will do just that. This food is easily digested, will give your kitten plenty of energy, help reduce tartar buildup on the teeth, and even help with brain & vision development. This should be fed to kittens who have already weaned until they are 1 year old.

These are the Hill’s Prescription Diets we always have on hand. If you have a question about any of Hill’s other products, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can special order any diet you like at no extra charge, and it will be delivered to our hospital within a week.

Iams Veterinary Formulas

Low ResidueIams Low Residue

Dogs & cats can have diarrhea for many reasons, from stress, heat, a new diet or treat, or even exercise. Iams Low Residue can help firm your pet’s stools in just 3 days. It can also help when your pet is vomiting, and can be fed long term. All of Iams’ diets also include Iams Daily Dental Care to help slow down tartar buildup. It is available in both puppy & adult dog formula in the dry food, and is also available for cats. The canned food can be used on puppies or adults.

Multi-Stage RenalIams Multi-Stage renal

If your cat has been diagnosed with kidney problems, Multi-Stage Renal helps maintain muscle mass, reduce the workload on failing kidneys, and helps maintain the immune system.

Weight LossIams Weight Loss

If your furry friend is a little on the heavy side, Iams Restricted Calorie will help your dog eat less but still feel full, and successfully get to his or her ideal weight.

Iams Weight Loss RewardsWeight Loss Rewards

These treats are perfect if your dog is already on Iams Restricted Calorie. Your dog can still get a little something special without having to worry about weight gain.

Smart PuppyIams Smart Puppy Large Breed

If your puppy is still under 1 year old, consider feeding him or her Iams Smart Puppy. This diet can help develop your puppy’s brain, making training a little easier, and also builds strong muscles, teeth and bones. It is also easily digested for those sensitive puppy tummies. The main ingredients are chicken, corn meal, chicken by-product meal, ground whole grain sorghum & chicken fat. It is also available in Large Breed, and can be fed to puppies up to 1 year who will be 51-90 pounds at maturity, and can be fed to puppies up to 2 years who will be over 90 pounds at maturity.

These are the Iams Veterinary Formulas we always have on hand. If you have a question about any of Iams other products, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can special order any diet you like at no extra charge, and it will be delivered our hospital within a week.

Royal Canin IVD from Royal Canin USA

Potato & Venison

Royal Canin Potato & VenisonPotato & Venison is Royal Canin’s solution for the dog that has food or skin allergies. It can also help with imflammatory bowel disease, vomiting, or otitis externa (ear infections). It has limited ingredients – one protein and one carbohydrate, and is highly digestible.

These are the Royal Canin diets we always have on hand. If you have a question about any of Royal Canin’s other products, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can special order any diet you like at no extra charge, and it will be delivered our hospital within a week.

Purina Veterinary Diets

DMPurina DM

Feline DM (dietetic management) has high protein and low carbohydrates for your diabetic cat.

These are the Purina Veterinary Diets we always have on hand. If you have a question about any of Purina’s other products, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can special order any diet you like at no extra charge, and it will be delivered our hospital within a week.