Welcome from our Solana Beach Veterinarians: Dr. Deirdre Brandes, Dr. Anaika Dayton, Dr. Meghan McIntosh, and Dr. Sophie Steele!

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Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm
Saturday: 9am-5pm
Sunday: Closed

We’re a Solana Beach veterinary hospital!

We look forward to seeing you in our Solana Beach location in the Vons Shopping Center off Lomas Santa Fe! Find our veterinary hospital between the We-R-Fabrics and 24 Hour Fitness.

  • Name: Rancho Santa Fe Veterinary Hospital of Solana Beach
  • Doctors: Dr. Deirdre Brandes, Dr. Anaika Dayton, Dr. Meghan McIntosh, Dr. Sophie Steele
  • Phone Number: (858) 759-8797
  • General Email Address:
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  • Great service and patient care!


A Bit About Us

We are a Solana Beach veterinary hospital, established in 2005 by Dr. Deirdre Brandes as a general practice. Our four veterinarians, Dr. Deirdre Brandes, Dr. Anaika Dayton, Dr. Meghan McIntosh, and Dr. Sophie Steele work with nearly all pet animals, including dogs, cat, rabbits, and pocket pets such as rats and hamsters. Our veterinarians will also see other exotics such as birds or reptiles on a case-by-case basis.

Our typical day involves seeing healthy pets for annual visits and vaccines, treating our sick patients, providing dental care, performing spays, neuters or other surgeries, and treating emergencies. On sad occasions, we also provide a peaceful passing with a compassionate pet euthanasia. We also offer house calls on a limited basis.

Our mission is simple: Provide extraordinary care for all patients, excellent service for all clients, all at a great value. We would be proud to be your pet’s vet!

Our Veterinarians

Dr. Deirdre Brandes is a veterinarian who works with dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, and nearly all pets at Rancho Santa Fe Veterinary Hospital, a veterinary hospital in San Diego county.  Of the three veterinarians at our hospital, she is the sole owner and director of medicine.  She completed her undergraduate work at UC Davis and received her veterinary degree from Cornell.
Dr. Deirdre Brandes & Neo
She’s a graduate of Cornell’s Veterinary School and our hospital’s founder. An animal lover and owner of hard-luck cases, Dr. Brandes is also the mother of two rambunctious boys.
Dr. Anaika Dayton is one of RSF Veterinary Hospital's veterinarians.  She received her undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley and her veterinary degree from UC Davis.  Dr. Dayton also works with all pet animals at our hospital in San Diego.
Dr. Anaika Dayton & Hobbart
Dr. Dayton graduated from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 2001.
Dr. Sophie Steele has been a practicing veterinarian for 10 years and received her veterinary degree from UC Davis.  At our veterinary hospital in San Diego, she works with dogs, cats, and all pets.
Dr. Sophie Steele
Dr. Sophie Steele joined our hospital in February of 2008, and has previously worked with Dr. Brandes. She received her veterinary degree from the University of California at Davis in 1999.

Quality of Care

Rancho Santa Fe Veterinary Hospital’s select group of veterinarians and staff share a number of traits that make them excellent animal care professionals. First, they practice uncompromised quality animal health care. The hospital has provided them with all the tools, such as advanced ultrasound and digital radiography, to ensure top-notch care for your pet.

Second, they are caring, compassionate animal lovers and owners. Find out more about our fantastic veterinarians and staff.

Finally, our staff is dedicated to ensuring you and your pets receive only excellent service. We would be honored to be your pet’s veterinarian!